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SDU Talent Program

The talent program of the University of Southern Denmark selected 25 participants in October 2016 to create and develop new innovations in the area of welfare. Students from all fields of study and all campuses of the SDU participate in the program and engage in the entrepreneurial process. As a participant in the program, I worked within the team of INVIVA on a tool to enhance the feedback relation between students and teachers in learning situations. During the one-year program, we attended workshops about entrepreneurial topics like business model innovation intellectual property rights or pitching on the weekends. The University of Southern Denmark supplied our team with facilities and materials for product development.

In March 2017, our team won the prototyping hackathon of the program. In April 2017, the participants of the program traveled to the Pisa university to present their entrepreneurial ideas and to exchange ideas about the business models. The final business model was submitted in the Venture Cup in Copenhagen 2017.

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