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AOM SAP Interest Group

Strategizing Activities and Practices (SAP) is an open and inclusive community that is devoted to fostering research into the practice of strategy. Members of this community understand strategy as something that people in organizations do rather than something that firms in their markets have. Such an interest in the doing of strategy directs our attention to the myriad day-to-day activities on the micro-level that make up strategy in practice.


AUPA is Aarhus University’s PhD association. We are here to ensure that your rights and needs are met in your daily work life. AUPA wants to generate knowledge across the different PhD associations at Aarhus University and to create a forum for discussing matters of importance for all PhD students.


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DANWISE is a non-profit organization that represents women from academia, industry, and business that span the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM), and Humanity areas. DANWISE’s main vision is to create change that reduces the gender gap in the STEMM and humanities areas. These changes will be made through initiatives and programs that aim to: i.) increase awareness of gender imbalance in STEMM areas, ii.) improve hiring of women in higher academic and industry positions, and iii.) bring forth new policies that improve gender diversity at the Universities and in the industry. 

Odense Startup Weekend

In the tradition of the startup weekend powered by Google for Entrepreneurs and in cooperation with TechStars, I joined the organization team of the Odense Startup Weekend. Within 54 hours developers, designers, business or entrepreneurial persons have the opportunity to launch their idea and to create a viable business model concept. As preparation for the weekend, I implemented online marketing campaigns to attract participants and organized with the team the location setting, materials, and meals for the participants. Throughout the weekend we facilitated several teams by developing their ideas and pitching them in front of the jury on Sunday.

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Geekettes Logo.png

Berlin Geekettes Mentorship Program 2015

The Mentorship Program is a five-month program that focuses on the professional and personal development of female professionals. Our goal is to connect you with inspiring women who lend their support while you are advancing your career, setting goals, and expanding your skills. Each month will center on a certain aspect of a young professional’s life. From networking and personal branding all the way to stress management, the themes aim to address the key challenges our program participants face in their everyday working lives.

I supported the event and program planning for the program. 


Here is a sneak peek at the content of the program

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